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Jul 9, 2019

Jan Kaminsky is a nurse, a professor, a mother of three and an advocate for equality. With her wife, she runs Rainbow Health Consulting, which helps to educate health providers on how to best care for LGBTQ patients. Jan talks to Shannon and Jordana about how to be more inclusive Since Jordana’s mother has the sheer chutzpah to be away on vacation, Jan steps into the breach, giving Shannon advice on how to handle coed sleepovers at age 7 as well as e-mail invitations sent only to moms, not dads. Shannon also shares about her new pet, and Jordana’s family is #blessed...with impetigo.

"Voicemail" by Khronos Beats
"Gentle Talk" by Marscott
"Funky and Groovy" by Unique Sound
"Best I Can" by Jasmine Jordan ft. Habit Blcx