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Oct 15, 2019

This week, the tables are turned as Jordana and Shannon interview the interviewer. Juju Chang is ABC’s anchor for Nightline, mom to three boys and a Korean-born woman who came to Judaism later in life. From when she helped her mother clean hotel rooms as a young immigrant, to becoming a powerful news correspondent on the front lines of the news, Juju has been a thoughtful and introspective person. She talks about her transition into Judaism, and the way that feeling like an “other” has influenced her journalism and her life. Also, Shannon chats with Jordana about smart “older brother” dogs in a thinly-veiled attempt to proselytize dog ownership, and Gram talks about her “limited,” eight-week-long experience growing up with a dog.



"Voicemail" by Khronos Beats

"Lo-Fi Afternoon" by Marscott

"Rewind Back" by Marscottt

"Best I Can" by Jasmine Jordan (ft. Habit Blcx)